Coolroom – Freezer rooms

Atlanta Refrigeration specialise in coolroom & freezer room installations. Every Coolroom project is custom designed and engineered by our technical team to suit our client’s specific purpose and application. We offer many and varied options from panel thickness, door options – hinged/sliding/double glazed or triple glazed.We offer various lighting options/ temperature ranges/personal trap alarms/ security alarms and incorporate any humidity requirements.

Over our forty-year history we have design and installed a great variety of coolroom solutions for many and varied industries across many applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Processing Plants
  • Hotels/Clubs/Restaurants
  • Wineries
  • Take away outlets

As every Coolroom project is specifically designed to suit your specific needs, there is certain information we require to engineer the perfect solution for you. This information can be obtained from a free no obligation quotation from one of our friendly team. As this may not always be possible due to location, you can supply us the following information and we will happily quote your project:

  • Coolroom Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height)
  • Door Type – Hinged left/right or sliding + Dimensions (Height X Width)
  • Motor Location - Coolroom roof/ Building Roof/ Building Wall/ External Ground
  • Distance from main power board to motor location
  • Power supply to site
  • Product Type to be stored
  • Desired coolroom temperature
  • Product Quantity entering per day
  • Product Temperature entering coolroom – Prechilled/Ambient Temperature
  • Coolroom Location
  • Premise location
  • Additional features eg. Glass display doors/Alarms/Shelving