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Fagor SB-G910IM Kore 900 Series Gas Tilting Bratt Pans

$18,069.00 ex GST

Dimensions 800W X 930D X 850H Weight 211Kg

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Fagor Kore 900 Series Gas Tilting Bratt Pans SB-G910IM

Robust, reliable and of great value, our multipurpose kitchen equipment provides a superior solution for every need and space!

Showcase this premium Gas Tilting Bratt Pan in your kitchen and make your boiling, steaming, stewing, simmering, roasting, poaching, braising, shallow frying and deep frying a whole lot easier! This is a fast selling purchase for any prospective restaurant or café owner who operates a medium to large establishment.

Key Features:

Gas tilting Bratt Pan, NG 50Hz, motorised with stainless steel tank of 90 L, 900 range
Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polishes. Screws hidden from view
Pan is designed with rounded corners and no edges, and with a wide opening for unloading, making all cooking and cleaning operations easier
Flange around the perimeter to stop any condensed water from spilling over
The bottom of the wells is very thick (8 mm for iron pans and 10 mm for stainless steel pans), guaranteeing even heat distribution
Pans filled with water by means of electric valve operated with switch on the front of the machine. The filling pipe is located at the back of the machine
Double walled lid with drainer at the back to redirect water of condensation back into the well
Lid balance system by springs. Compensation system to avoid heavy falls. Can be regulated, with the same system for all modules
Micro breaking switch halts heating when the pan is raised
High temperature enamelled cast iron flue protector
Access to the components from the front
Machines with IPX5 grade water protection
Front access lid handle
Temperature of the bottom of the pan is controlled by thermostat, between 50 and 310 °C
Stainless steel pan
Electrically heated models use shielded stainless steel heating elements located under the bottom of the pan
The heating by branched burners or electrical heating elements located in the base of the pan itself, together with the high thickness of the bottom of the pan, ensure maximum uniformity of temperature distribution in all cases, guaranteeing even cooking
Motorised or crank operated elevation systems which are able to raise the pan until it is vertical, to empty it completely.

Additional information:

Gas Type: Natural Gas
Gas power: 18.00kW
Gas consumption: 1,880 m3/h
Regulated: NG G20/G25/G25.1 20/25/25 mbar
Gas diameter 1: R3/4″
Water inlet diameter: 3/4″

Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labour Plus 2 Years Parts Only Warranty When Products Registered Within 14 Days Of Invoice

More Information:

Net Weight (Kg) 211
Width (mm) 800
Depth (mm) 930
Height (mm) 850
Packing Width (mm) 840
Packing Depth (mm) 1022
Packing Height (mm) 1255
Power 230V – 1N; 0.7A; 50Hz
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts Only for Products Registered within 14 Days of Invoice

Fagor_Kore_900_Series_Gas_Tilting_Bratt_Pans_SB-G910IM (Click here to download)

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Fagor SB-G910IM Kore 900 Series Gas Tilting Bratt Pans
$18,069.00 ex GST

Available Online

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